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The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu
Aporva Kala
The book is perhaps, India's first proto-historical novel and tells us the tale of the people of Indus Valley and its adjoining cities.
It tells us a story of how the people of Sapta Sindhu, untie to face the challenges of natural disasters and the Greek invasion, in the year 950BC.
A wonderful tale of valor, adventure, faith, love, romance, wars, peace, Rudreeshwar, the discovery of Sanjivini,Wars at Zahaden, Zarang and Zabol (all in Afghanistan).
It also helps us understand the political development of our nation.
Also, the Rig Veda and Avesta (Zoroastrian holy book) find a prominent place in this book.
In times like these, the book talks of the places like Iraq(Mesopotamia), Iran (Arianna), Plains of River Helmand (Afghanistan) Syria, Jordan, which were, once he cradle of civilization and are now termed as a rogue nations.
In today's times of wars and strifes the book talks of peace and culture.
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