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The Magic Touch
P.K. Silverson
Perhaps the final book in The Magic Triangle Trilogy and sequel to The Fairy's Tale and Troll Story:

Once upon a time, a mischievous Fairy King fell in love with a mortal woman. As their love was true, they betrothed to wed... both in the magic and human realms. Unknown to them, evil forces conspired both to thwart their love and destroy the world.

Between Fantasy and Destiny lies Discovery. Following the "Once upon a time" beginning in The Fairy's Tale and continuing with Troll Story, enchanted Imps find themselves on the brink of the fulfilled in the realms of both magic and mortals. But danger lurks and change is not a thing to be taken lightly.

Seen through the eyes of the father of the bride, Frisque and Dawn count the days to their coronation and wedding day. Visitors from other lands and other times are on the guest list. Sinister forces have taken notice. When Fairies assume mortal form, who will protect the world from the wrath of Trolls?

The Magic Touch reveals the nature of both evil and honor. The grand design of Great Magic becomes clear, as does the true role of Robin Goodfellow. The race of Man takes it's rightful place in the Global Mind. And the little changeling hiding under the lily pads in the garden pond joins the ultimate battle as the glorious and proud dragon they're meant to be.
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