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Age of Armageddon: The Spirit of Krynn
Ryan Tyler Palmer
The year is 2525. Mankind is recovering from near extinction after a new biological technology is developed from the abuse of stolen DNA that belongs to a newly discovered species of humanoid, elves. Mankind wages war over the power to wield this new science and nearly destroys life as we know it. From the ashes of the conflict, man is reborn with wondrous powers inherited while many new species emerge as failed experiments, and are born with horrible deformities or mutations... The angelic guardians of heaven watch over life on earth and decree that technology is forbidden while the demon brothers, Azizu and Drakul hatch a vicious plot to corrupt and destroy all life, so that The Creator's law of existence will allow them to claim the earth. Guardians and demons choose their champions and share their power with the chosen so that the war can be fought. The demons seek to tip the scales in their favor by reintroducing lost sciences into the wrong hands, and Azizu has found a way to break the heavenly laws and visit earth physically... Join the Powerful Barbarian prince Anvol Krynn, The mysterious sorceress Eva Becksby, and the charming minstrel Athellos Songsteel as they fight to defend life on earth with a new race of elven allies that fear the humans destructive past. Can the new world survive the threat of extinction or will mankind continue to be its own worst enemy? Anvol Krynn's unconquerable warrior instincts and mighty rage clashes with hell in this epic fantasy story about a powerful human spirit, and what it takes to break it.
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