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Dave Lindsay
An ENCORE 'Appetizer'.....

Time is running out for five prestigious scientists working on a Top Secret Cryonic project. Their sole objective; to rejuvenate a prominent Twentieth-Century icon, a man secretly frozen down in 1966. To advance their effort, a young scientist (Eddie Grisham) and his associate, (Maggie Bennett), are invited to participate in the balance of that clandestine experiment.

Prompted by spiritual insight, Maggie entices her agnostic companion to examine the philosophical prospects that are inherently linked to cryonics. The human soul, does it actually exist? If it does and departs the body when a person dies, as most religions contend, will it return upon Cryonic rejuvenation? Encore explores the most alarming scenario of all, what if it doesn't? What if ‘something else' were to take its place?

Eddie’s aberrant scientific approach to dispelling the pious notion inevitably leads to an astonishing revelation. If Maggie's fears are confirmed, Hell could be poised to unleash its legendary fury!

Eddie ‘thought’ he was prepared for anything, but he wasn't ready for anything like this. Are you?
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