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Why Evolution Is True
Jerry A. Coyne
"No one would think of writing a book today on the evidence for atoms, or for the Earth going round the Sun. So why, when evolution is being reconfirmed every day, and forms the backbone of modern biology, do we need a book entitled Why Evolution Is True?" "Because evolution is different. No other area of science has been the subject of such angst, such misunderstanding, or such deliberate misinformation. Evolution brings us face to face with who we are, and how intimately we are connected to every animal, plant, and bacterium, and to the millions of generations of living things that have gone before. Yet too often, the mention of evolution produces anxiety and confusion." Jerry Coyne outlines what evolution is and the claims it makes, and draws together the astonishing range of modern evidence supporting it. This book shows why evolution is not only a theory but a fact, a fact that we should embrace without fear.
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