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Cracked Hearts: The Story of Ultimate Betrayal and Love
Linda Masemore Pirrung
Stephanie had just dozed off when suddenly; there was a break in the silence. She woke momentarily. Her eyes popped open and moved from one side to the other as if attempting to see what the noise was but her body was too weak from sleep to do more than that. While asleep on her back, the sensation of lips on hers brought her slowly back to consciousness. Still in dreamy twilight, not fully conscious of whether it was a dream or Ron trying to arouse her, she felt two hands cup her breasts. Eyes still closed, Stephanie smiled, brought her arms up and dreamily wrapped them around her dream-lover's neck. "Hunh?" Steph's breath drew inward in a sudden gasp. She bolted straight upright from her bed, her eyes round as silver dollars. The sudden realization that Ron didn't have long hair brought her to an immediate state of panic. A hand covered her mouth to muffle her scream. Sweat beads broke out on her forehead and her face was blood red from trying to scream against a barrier.
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