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Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers
Marika Cobbold
In Aphrodite’s Workshop For Reluctant Lovers Rebecca Finch, the newly crowned Queen of Romantic Fiction, goes off for a weekend in Paris having accidentally left her lover behind on the Eurostar platform and finds she has a wonderful time on her own. When not long afterwards her god-daughter, struck with an attack of pre-wedding jitters, asks for re-assurance, Rebecca finds herself unable to help. Has Rebecca, whose entire life is spent spreading the joys of romantic love, no wise
words at all for a young woman about to walk up the aisle?

After a few moments’ thought Rebecca’s reply comes, ‘Better luck next time.’

Her god-daughter breaks off her engagement, Rebecca’s own relationship crumbles and she has, what her agent calls a ‘Ratner moment,’ live on national television, advising her readers to stay away from her books as they ought to contain a health warning.

Up on Mount Olympus Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, rages. Divorce rates are soaring, love is being brought into disrepute and she is beginning to lose the respect of her quarrelsome family. It isn’t helping that her son Eros is going through a difficult phase, being careless in his work, shooting off his arrows without even a thought for the compatibility of his victims. So when even Rebecca Finch, a woman who used to be such a credit to Aphrodite, turns her back on love in the most public of ways, the goddess of love determines to take action. Rebecca Finch is to be taught a lesson and love will be shown to triumph once more.

Or so she thinks...
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