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Dream Cat
Kat Lowe
Elizabeth is about to get a terrible surprise birthday present. Lucifer is going to send her a mass invasion of demons. It's nothing personal, just the coming of age gift that all female Argonauts receive.

Until a possessed bear attacks her, Elizabeth knows nothing of her destiny. She thinks her greatest problem is how to escape her mother's plan to turn her into an engineer. But a man with James Bond eyes appears to make her a much better offer.

Elizabeth is invited to join the Argonauts, a secret society of historical figures who protect mankind from evil. During her training, she learns more than just how to handle weapons. She finds out why she dreams about a white cat whenever she has a bad day. And she discovers that she is no ordinary Argonaut. When Lucifer develops too much interest in Elizabeth, her family becomes a target as well. She must choose between protecting her loved ones and obeying her mentor's mandate against prematurely wielding her extraordinary powers.

To earn her place in the elite group, Elizabeth will have to pass a killer final exam. If she succeeds, she will become the most powerful woman on Earth. If she fails, she will lose the man of her dreams. No pressure...
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