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Ritch Gaiti
Glebe just wanted to make a difference - and he wound up changing the world

Glebe, an unlikely hero, fights for the little guy as he tweets his way to becoming the voice of the people in a witty tale so unlikely, that it is totally plausible, definitely relevant, and very funny.

A quirky, ex-adman, Glebe teams up with Hartwick, a black homeless gent, to create the consumer revolution that topples once powerful businesses. He just asked people ‘if you could change one thing, what would that be?’ He started recording their answers on napkins procured from the local diner and wound up and tweeted his way to changing the world. And his target included everything from dumb advertising, to incessant telephone calls, the economy, the government and everything else that people were once powerless to impact. That worldwide boycott, yep, that was Glebe.

Tweet is a funny romp through the world we live in: the powerless consumer, over-saturated advertising, incessant marketing and big business that has suddenly become hard of hearing even though your call is very important to them.

Glebe did what you would have done if you had thought of it and were quirky and passionate and wanted to just make a diff.
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