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The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley
Betty Dravis
Exciting Fantasy Adventure - "From journalism to adult fiction, and now young adult fiction, Betty Dravis knows how to weave intriguing stories. Children all around the world will love this fun, exciting, fantasy adventure. The kid in me longed to chase around Silicon Valley with the 'good' Toonies and their 'humanoid' friends as they raced the clock to save Orange Computer and Silicon Valley from the 'bad' Toonies. If people could move around as easily as the Toonies leap from their world to ours, my transportation job would be much easier." - Hon. Rod Diridon, Sr., Executive Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute, SJSU - Lovable Characters - "Betty Dravis's The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley is a fun romp through the adventures of Computer Cartoon Land characters ... both good and bad. The good Toonies are led by an orange-haired, bushy-browed Toonie boy named Doog. Doog sets out to help his human counterpart, Jeremy Kern, with a parental problem, but they end up saving the world instead. Kids will enjoy the colorful illustrations, along with the lovable characters that fill this book." - Chris Platt, author of the young adult, award-winning Willow King books - Unexpected Suspense - "An enjoyable morality fable that keeps its wisdom between the lines. The young and young at heart will enjoy this battle over Silicon Valley as a young cartoonist tries to save the day. At times, it seems the bad 'Toonies' will win, making for unexpected suspense for this kind of story." - Paul Kyriazi, movie director, author of How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle - The First of its Kind -" The plot is fresh and the characters lifelike. The story will appeal to children of all ages. The settingis Silicon Valley, commonly known to many as the Computer Technology Rim. The storyline is the first of its kind, comparable to classic books such as 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Peter Pan' where children experience an adventure outside the norm and overcome obstacles or enemies." - Janet Sue Terry, contemporary romance author of Possibilities and Resolutions.
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