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Salt Bear
Thomas Davis
Salt Bear is a novel that brings alive mythic creatures of the American West: Salt Bear, "whose fur" becomes "luminous" beneath a full moon; Buddy, the Jackalope, whlo has prong horns above big, floppy, rabbit-like ears; and Old Rombo, a cactus mule deer buck with hundreds of points growing from his huge rack of horns.

In an adventure story that moves through the mountains of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah, the three friends go on an epic quest where good and evil creatures take them from everyday lives toward discoveries that help them understand who they are and what their roles in life should be.

"Salt Bear was nearly to the Coke Oven's top when he saw ravens. Hundreds, maybe thousands, were flying above his head in the moonlight. He stopped, awed by the sight. They circled and hovered around the monolith he was climbing. Fear made him breathe is short, shallow gasps. The snow owl had told him there would be trouble if he saw the ravens.

"He closed his eyes and scrambled to the top. The ravens' circling flight was silent, but they moved faster and faster. Salt Bear swallowed and stood still in the night breeze, staring at ravens-black flying in silver moonlight.

"Salt Bear!" a raven's harsh voice startled him.
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