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Perrine's Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry
Thomas R. Arp
There's no better way for you to learn about poetry and understand its elements than with PERRINE'S SOUND AND SENSE. Both a concise introduction to poetry and an anthology, this classic best-seller succinctly covers the basics of poetry with chapters on evaluating poetry, exemplary poetry selections that you'll enjoy reading, and exercises that help you understand each selection. Every poem included in this collection is not only a perfect illustration of the poetic concept at hand, but a remarkable work in its own right. Benefits: * NEW! Highlighted poets-Emily Dickinson, John Donne, and Robert Frost-are represented by sufficient numbers of poems to facilitate studying these icons as individual artists. * Chapters 15 and 16 on evaluating poetry give you straightforward answers to questions most introductions to poetry ignore texts: "Is some literature better?" and "How can it be evaluated?" * Exemplary literary selections throughout the introductions to poetry's elements not only bring these concepts to life in crystal detail, but represent the best and most important literature that many students will encounter in college. * Part 2, "Writing About Poetry," offers exceptionally clear guidance in "Choosing a Topic," "Proving Your Point," "Writing a Paper," "Introducing Quotations," "Documentation," and more. Part 3, "Poems for Further Reading," contains more than 100 works by a wonderful variety of poets. * The book's many study tools-clear, descriptive introductions; chapter summaries after each introduction; and exercises after many of the poems-guide you in understanding, appreciating, and, ultimately writing strong essays about poetry. * NEW! This edition highlights Emily Dickinson, John Donne, and Robert Frost with dozens of examples of their work-enabling you to study these great poets as individual artists. * NEW! An added portfolio of contemporary poets presents six poems each by five contemporary poets. Featured poets inclu
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