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Cathexis: Conspirator's Coin
Philip Blood
Cathexis is a four book epic fantasy series. It is high fantasy, based on true good and evil. In the second book, Conspirator's Coin, the epic saga of the Ardellen family continues. Much of the world is aligned against them, and they must go through the darkness before reaching the epic conclusion in the fourth and final novel of the Cathexis Series. This second book begins with the forging of a young boy learning to tap the power of his aura, but as the story continues through the series more and more is revealed until everything is wrapped up into a Gordian knot that will all be resolved in the grand climax. Join the Ardellen family on this exciting action packed adventure. Wars, magic battles, ancient evil, alternate planes of existence, horrid creatures and dark plots all tangled in a battle for control of the world. This is high fantasy with the darkest of evil against the purest of good. Love, sacrifice, friendship, revenge, betrayal, and triumph all wrapped up in one massive tale. Come join the Ardellens and experience the world of Cathexis as the story continues to unfold in book two, Conspirator's Coin.
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