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The Lodge & the Tribe
Angelo Tsanatelis
Thomas knew right from the start the old book was important, but the moment he begins to read, learn and understand the secrets of the old, long lost diary, a world he never thought it existed, emerges from the darkness. A world of hidden societies and creatures beyond his wildest fantasy. A world of lies, secret plans and battles fought, since the dawn of time. Soon he finds himself in a desperate struggle for his own survival, his life a never-ending horror trip with him the reluctant participant.
Because the forbidden words of the long dead Johannes Taub, are so much more than a well of forgotten knowledge or a random stroke of luck; for to know of the Lodge and speak of the Tribe isn't just imprudent or unwise, it's deadly.

This is the sequel to the The Living Sword Chronicles Book I: Origins.

2nd Edition

The alley was lit for a moment, the blackness withdrawn momentarily. He saw her standing a few feet away from the armed vampire, a woman with straight very long hair, the color of coal. Eyes open in wonderment on an angelic face wearing, men’s black leather trousers and a same colored leather corset, the clothes of a whore. Many things happened at the same time after that. The shadows had hidden her again from him, the sword said something that he completely missed, and he was thrown violently backwards, a familiar burning pain in his chest.
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