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The Demon Calumnius
Samantha Johns
The Repentant Demon Trilogy (Book 1:The Demon Calumnius)

The Repentant Demon is both an apocalyptic suspense thriller and a love story. Full of intrigue amid a spine-chilling epic scenario—the end of the world as we know it. We meet one of the fallen angels, a demon named Calumnius, who has spent millenniums of time tempting and deceiving humans into hell. A series of insights result in his evolving into a creature who longs for the forgiveness of God while envying humans for the love they were given so freely and seem not to appreciate. His dilemma increases when God does the impossible and grants Calumnius a chance to become an angel again.

Satan, the Anti-Christ himself, has plans that interfere with this deal as well as the fate of humankind. The repentant demon becomes embroiled in the affairs of humans, and to an even greater degree with one particular woman who teaches him much needed lessons in love.

Book I. The Demon Calumnius
The demon Calumnius stalks a beautiful red-headed archaeologist into the danger of ever war ready Iraq where she and her handsome love interest travel to search for answers to biblical mysteries at a renown excavation site. Here a mystery unfolds involving them in both dangerous evil forces that end in disaster and tender exotic situations that intensify their feelings for each other. The demon who witnesses everything devises his own plan to approach God which relies exclusively upon the very woman he has invested untold time and energy to seduce.
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