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Theo's Mythic
C. Rudolph Barlow
Theo Singleton had no idea he wasn’t the full sum of ordinary until his mother sent him away from home. He had come under suspicion of being different by The Social Balance. For in Humana, if you were a non-elevated human, then you need not fear the Social Balance. However, if you were an elevated human, then you’d better hide – and hide well.

Theo’s mom knew just where he had to go - even though she was sending him into the unknown, Mythic. It was an existence fraught with benevolent and vile creatures that would either save her only son or hunt him down, for they would immediately realize that he was different. As Theo struggles to become Informed and tries to discover who he really is, he must fight for his life through ten ancient games rigged for him not to win. And if he doesn’t emerge victorious from these games, known as The Decuple, a crack in the balance of each existence will set the demise of both in motion. Theo’s destiny is undeniable. He must go to sleep and begin his Transition. It is time.
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