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The Secret of Shadow
T.J. Silver
Thunderstorm & the Elementals, Book One: The Secret of Shadow is an exciting juvenile fiction, fantasy & magic story that pre-teens, teens, and adults will embrace. Charbroiling a cheerleader, twisting a tornado in history class, darting head-on into a Shadow-wing dragon named wasn't exactly how Thunderstorm Valdar had pictured his first day at his new school, Paracelsus Academy. Thunder and his family had just relocated from Chicago to Silver Oak, a move he wasn't thrilled about. Up until that fateful day, Thunder had been an ordinary - though socially awkward - teenager who didn't know that his uneventful life was about to change forever.Thunder is quickly initiated into a world of mages who can control fire, air, water, and earth - and who are aided and protected by gryphons, pegasai, seadrakens, naiads, and dragons.Just when Thunder thinks his day couldn't get any more craptacular, a dark socerer kidnaps his parents and Drakyus whisks Thunder and his new mage friends, Angel and Darius, off on a wild adventure to save them. Thunderstorm and his friends are forced to embark on a dangerous quest to find the seadraken Kanalia - the only one who can help them rescue Thunder's parents and avoid an evil trap. As they travel to the ends of the earth, battling trolls, naga, and giant sea creatures, they uncover truths about themselves as the battles between good and evil, light and shadow, threatens their mage world
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