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Dragon Dreams: Gilmreth the Awakening
Raymond L. Weil
For 2,000 years, the ageless dragon has slept. Now the ancient spell that holds the fearsome creature captive is fading. A young girl, the first sorceress to be born in generations, is all that stands between the dragon and the dragon’s unrelenting hunger for human blood.

Centuries in the past, Malcon Sylvar the greatest sorcerer of his age cast a powerful spell putting the dragon to sleep. In doing so, he died in the dragon’s lair and sorcery vanished from the world. Now Lynol is beginning to develop abilities that have been absent from her family for many long generations. She knows these new abilities have to do with sorcery.

From the ancient prophecies, she knows that sorcery will only return when it is time for the deadly dragon to awake. Lynol is not sure she wants these new powers and the overwhelming responsibilities that go along with becoming the first sorceress in her family in nearly 2,000 years. However, she may have no choice for there is no other. Somewhere in her future, the dragon awaits.

Can Lynol learn to control her new sorcery powers in time to save her best friend from being sacrificed to the dragon? Follow Lynol on her epic journey as she tries to control her new powers to her final confrontation with the most fearsome creature ever to inhabit the Earth.

Everyone will enjoy this epic fantasy adventure.

167,000 words
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