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Jonathan Amaret
For over 11,000 years, the survivors of Atlantis have secretly ruled the earth through an ancient society known as the Rominus Empire, bringing death and order to an already decadent world. Yet within this vampire kingdom, an ancient prophecy foretells of an imminent civil war between clans fated to spark the end of the human race, and of the hybrid king destined to stop it by surviving the merging of all three vampire bloodlines within his mortal body. At the highest levels of power are a clandestine few who believe in the coming of this new ruler and have conspired to find him only in vain. But after centuries of searching and waiting, it is he who now seeks them, not for peace or power, but for revenge against the vampire who murdered his mother.

With the help of a dangerous group of renegades led by Vlad Dracula, Julian Angelis must learn what it takes to become immortal in order to stop his mother’s killer from destroying the world.
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