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The Blood Red Stone
Gloria Sanders-Williams (Desire4fire)
Kyandra was the legendary Child of the Golden Sun. Forced to submit to the will of the prophecy, she joined the Dark Guardian Nyte, who had been under the Red Blood Stone's influence since his birth. Kyandra's powers in turn were absorbed by its touch, for it was the source from which chaos existed. The stone had transformed her into the pale, colorless Queen of Darkness where her only hope lay in the Child of Binding�her son. Yet, other dangers lurked within the REM; a sinister darkness threatened where not even the Guardian Nyte could stop its coming. The struggle to stop the Blood Red Stone would become a race against time taken up by those who had more to lose than just their precious realms. Could the companions of old reunite and prevent the coming of evil while also taking up the quest to save Kyandra from remaining the Queen of Darkness forever?
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