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Russ McDaniel
Rafeal is a story of loss; a loss of innocence, of love, of family, and of blood. It is a story of renewed faith, compassion, and justice. A man's transformation from a life wrought with guilt, anger and moral obligation to one without regret, no guilt, and utter disdain for anyone who subjugates another to their own agenda. The transformation takes place not of his own free will or decision, but based on a pure animalistic will to live. This biological alteration into a vampire was an accident; he was to be nothing more than food for an older bloodsucking creature. Rafeal suffers a loss of familial love, not romantic or sexual, his faith drives him, he has no need for any special companionship, his need for blood cannot be cured. He loses his family, his wife, and his doted upon niece. His alteration into a vampire, does not bring with it arrogance or hatred for mankind; but in some cases a compassion; in others a swift death. Rafeal is an entertaining novel of tragedy and loss.
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