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Children of Kanigaard
Nikolai H. Woolf
Nikolai H. Woolf brings to life a tale of epic proportion. Readers will be carried away as page after page they go beyond the words, and find themselves living the magic; the adventure that is Kanigaard. The first installment in the Tales of Kanigaard series, Children of Kanigaard, begins with the often told battle between light and darkness. This is not, however, your average good versus evil fantasy epic. The war that rages is between father and son, and sets the stage for a world yet to be born. Gods and humans travel side by side. Dragons soar the skies as children wander freely in the mystery. Yet these children learn early the scars of war, and the choices of gods can lead to unlikely enemies. In the Children of Kanigaard, we enter unto a world on the brink of destruction, a people struggling to survive the darkness, and the children who are the hope of its future. Join us in the magic. Live the adventure. And don't miss the continuing saga as Book II, Knights of Kanigaard, follows close behind... Cover Art by Kayla Purcell
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