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Kingdom Alliance
Robert Stanek
Here is the second volume in Robert Stanek's magnificent Ruin Mist Chronicles. Filled with mystery, intrigue, adventure, and magic the books transport us to a world unlike any other. Praised as an instant classic, Robert Stanek's outstanding series has quickly become a favorite. Two dozen elves set out from Leklorall, the capital of East Reach. After an ambush at sea only a handful survived, of those only two reached the far shores of the great sea. Their names were Seth and Galan and they sided with Great Kingdom during the Battle of Quashan', helping to defend the valley city with skills and speeds no living man had ever seen before. But success on the battlefield could not undo the past. Elves and men are mortal enemies, as it has been since the Great War when the elves of Under-Earth sought to enslave all the peoples of Ruin Mist. Now even as Seth attempts to sway Great Kingdom's leaders to stop the coming darkness, there are few who will truly listen--and even fewer who can look beyond the treachery of days past. Also available in English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Trade, Library and Audio, the Special Illustrated Edition of this timeless story includes 65 full-page illustrations from original paintings, 50 additional richly detailed illustrations, deluxe full-size format, and beautiful white paper. Finally released in the version envisioned by the author 20 years ago, this is the story of Ruin Mist completely unaltered to hint at the story's origins in ancient myth and legend. Readers around the world are discovering Robert Stanek and Ruin Mist. Now in this special illustrated edition of the top-selling title, you can get the ultimate Ruin Mist experience. Distinctive cover art features the wizard apprentice Vilmos, deluxe maps help you explore the realms, lavish illustrations bring the author's words to life, and an expansive guide to the world provides additional background to help you unravel the secrets of Ruin Mist. Robert Stanek has been called a modern day Tolkien, and his books have been called Star Wars with Elves, a wonderful cross between Tolkien and Rowling. His blockbuster debut book sold over 150,000 copies and worldwide sales are quickly approaching 5 million. Learn more about Robert Stanek at Enter the breathtaking world of Ruin Mist at
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