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The White Wolf
Brittany Comeaux
Varg Haldorson is a renowned bounty hunter, an expert survivalist, and among other things, a half-breed. Born to a human mother and a jotun father, Varg has never had an easy life. In his adult years, he would earn a name for himself, a name that would he would carry proudly.

The White Wolf.

After taking what seemed like a routine job, Varg meets a half-elf huntress named Milea who has been framed for murder. Upon proving her innocence, Varg unwittingly becomes a wanted criminal himself. Varg and Milea must now venture into the world to clear their names, all the while avoiding deadly assassins trying to kill them at every turn. Little does the unlikely duo know, they will soon come across a conspiracy and a dangerous cult led by a force so dark, the fate of the world may soon lie in the hands of two half-breeds in way over their heads.
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