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Fe Fi FOE Comes
William C. Samples
From the Back Cover ... A warning to the reader ... You may not wish for people to know you are reading this book. In some jurisdictions such material is banned, and in some there may be severe penalties should you be caught with it in your possession.
Even in places with free speech some authorities, and some of your neighbors will be suspicious if they open and read portions of this book, and find you reading it. In the near future the consequences could be much worse. You may not wish to read it at all...
A note from the author ... The fact is our world is mostly made from refined technology invented long ago. Shelter, transportation, medicine, even space exploration technology dates from more than half a century ago. The most innovative technology of our times is electronic, including computation, because it is the least regulated by the government. Regulation, taxation, and stagnation go together. To those of us that grew up with visions of a world with freedom, and technology that would save time, human effort, much human misery, open the door to space travel and all the benefits that can bring, including perhaps the ultimate survival of our species, current events and the status quo signal the death knell of such possibilities. Until when? What will change? Rather than ending on a note of doom, I will say that indeed things do change. The truth is really out there. To those who think maybe truth is important, and maybe things should change, I invite you to read the book ... in private ... while you still can. This is a work of fiction, or maybe it just hasn't happened yet. -Bill
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