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The Lords of Darkness
Tanith Lee
In the time before the Earth was round, the Demon Lords of Darkness sowed magic and misery, beauty and terror across the lands.
This 3-in-1 volume includes:

Night's Master.
He was Azhrarn, the Demon Lord of Night, and in his Underearth palace he reigned amid his own most glorious creations. Yet always he returned to the surface world to wreak his spells, destroying human love with scarce a thought - until a new force tried to gain control above. And Azhrarn, who had preyed upon mortals for so long, now had to fight to preserve them.

Death's Master.
When Uhlume, Lord of Death, made a bargain with an earthly queen, he opened the way to a future challenge to his own rule over all things mortal. For Azhrarn, Night's Master, had also been taking a hand in human affairs, and when the magic of two Demon Lords crossed, not even a Lord of Darkness could predict the final consequences!

Delusion's Master.
He was Chuz, Lord of Madness, and he alone would defy Azhrarn's might. If Azhrarn chose to make a woman into a god, Chuz would play a game of his own design with Demon and mortal alike; a game that would result in life, death, and an ages-long conflict between Demon Lords.
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