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Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven
Larry Niven
Thirteen dazzling journeys into a future history... by the author of Ringworld

The Next Ten Thousand Years

Ranging from the 20th Century to the 31st, these interconnected stories trace man's expansion and colonization throughout the galaxy...completing an epic creation that stands beside Asimov's Foundation trilogy and Heinlein's popular Future History series.

A colossal vision of the a super writer!

*Becalmed in Hell Howie's spaceship had a malfunction...but it might be only psychosomatic!
*Wait it Out He was trapped on Pluto...and all his assets were frozen!
*The Borderland of Sol Forward possessed the ultimate weapon...but no one would ever see it!
*The Jigsaw Man The organ banks want!
*Cloak of Anarchy They were free to be anything but violent...but that wasn't enough!

Plus eight other great stories in Niven's spectacular cycle of the future...and, special for this volume, a complete Niven bibliography and a detailed chronology of all his Known Space stories!

Cover painting by Rick Sternbach
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