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A Galaxy Unknown
Thomas DePrima
It's 2267! Interstellar space is infested with pirates, slavers, and scum of every ilk! Everyone knows that crime can never be completely eradicated, but the effort must be made. In a seemingly futile endeavor to curtail lawlessness and provide safety for the greatest number of galactic citizens, Space Command has devoted its full resources to the task, but the inadequate application of military might has allowed the criminal elements to grow immensely powerful.

A life-pod containing a young ensign, missed by rescuers following a shipboard explosion a decade earlier, is discovered adrift in deep space. Awakened from a long stasis sleep, her personal knowledge of the past makes the seriousness of the current situation seem all the more horrific. But before Jenetta Carver can rejoin SC, she's captured by pirates. At first she fears for her life, but when she's indelibly marked as a pleasure slave, she gets mad; fighting mad. And when they tamper with her DNA to make her appear sultrier, she gets even madder; killing mad.

Can a petite, sexy blonde, cutoff from Space Command and operating on her own, create more mayhem among the criminal elements than a full decade of SC effort?

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