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One World United
Jean Marie Stanberry
Nearly one hundred years after the devastation of World War III, the world has merged into one United Government. This central government has complete control over the lives of it's citizens. Their careers, where they live, and who they marry is all controlled by the United Government.

The citizens of the New World have no choice but to accept their fate, to question any decision made by the United Government would be considered treason, a crime punishable by death.

When Sion graduates from the academy of Chemical Sciences, she receives orders to travel to the capital city of Nike and marry Athens, a Special Forces Officer. Sion has her doubts that Athens is a suitable mate for her, but what can she do? The UG's computer matching system is considered perfect. She is resigned to live the life the UG has mapped out for her, till she meets Santiago, her mysterious and intriguing co-worker, who is a widow who has been forced into a marriage with a woman he has no attraction to.

Sion and Santiago have an immediate attraction to one another, but they can never be together. There are no divorces or annulments in the New World. Marriage is forever...
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