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Darkness Falls
Mathieu Gallant
It's a homecoming of galactic proportions for reclusive cab driver Robert Hendricks.

In 2179, Hendricks is onboard an alien star ship approaching Earth at many times the speed of light. He is the lone human on the ship and it will be the first time he sees his planet in over 150 years. Although it should be a momentous occasion, his feelings about the return are conflicted. This is a problem for
his extra-terrestrial hosts, the Gulran. On a mission to save the Galactic Empire, Earth is a vital part of their plan.

With Hendricks as an ambassador the Gulrani High Arbitor, Gorak, thinks the mission has a good chance of success. Without the human's help, he's not so sure. In order to ensure a positive outcome - but also to help his friend sort out his
emotions - Gorak hypnotizes Hendricks and, through his recollections, travels back with him to the Earth of 2026.

How did this lone human get on the ship to begin with? And what terrible memories could possibly be locked up in his head? Find out how bad things can get when Darkness Falls.
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