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Four Corners Dark
William McNally
Four Corners Dark...
Readers recommend Four Corners Dark, a Kindle Bestselling Horror Anthology

Imagine a world beyond our own. With Four Corners Dark, William McNally takes readers to the darkest depths of the imagination. Fans of horror and suspense will find story after story that teeters on the brink between spooky and downright chilling.

In "Engine Eighteen", a group of Mexican immigrants attempt to cross a desert border to begin new lives, but end up paying a price for their old lives.

"Return to Nowhere", is the story of a man who has the extraordinary ability to remake his lives and escape his pasts.

"The Raven Mocker", a novella, tells the tale of a couple who encounters a dark force along the border between life and death.

"The Spinning Wheel", examines the face of fate and the choice given to one man to change it.

Be warned, the terrifying encounters and haunting twists in Four Corners Dark will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Acclaim for Four Corners Dark
"Four Corners Dark is a good and eerie read."

More 5 Star Reviews...
“I love the art of short stories. It takes some crafting to be able to deliver in so few words. This collection has four stories that do deliver. I’m going to give just a little about each story because when you are dealing with short stories saying even a little can ruin the fun and I never want to do that.

Engine Eighteen managed to be both creepy and heartbreaking. I was surprised by how quickly I made a connection with Anna and Rosa.

Return to Nowhere was very neat. I loved the way each time things were different yet not really so much.

My favorite was Raven Mocker, I think because it was longer and more developed. I love the whole concept and the genuinely creepy moments delivered as the characters traversed that fine line between here and the other side. I would love to see more about this or something else similar.

The Spinning Wheel was so touching. I didn’t find it creepy but I did find it fantastic. I love stories that even though the have sorrow can leave you feeling good.

Overall I really liked this collection. I look forward to reading more work by William McNally.”
GoodReads Reviewer

“The stories were just off kilter. I mean that in a good way. Strange, eery story lines that would be perfect for an M. Night Shyamalan movie. More than any other book I've read, these stories have stuck in my head.”
Amazon Reviewer

“Picked this book up on a whim while hunting for free books and I wasn't disappointed with what this author had to offer. The last story, while not so much on the spooky side ties the book together and leaves you on a more positive note. I will be gladly looking forward to what else this author has to offer.”
Krystal Coleman
Amazon Reviewer

More Acclaim...
“Move over Stephen King…, What an excellent combination of creepy and thought-provoking stories. “Return to Nowhere" made me think about how I would remake my life if given the chance. "The Spinning Wheel" was my favorite as it had a creepy element, but also a very sweet and special relationship between father and son and the sacrifices parents make for their children. This book makes you think about the choices you make and how fate plays a role in your life. Keep the light on after reading this one!”
Amazon Reviewer

For readers who crave supernatural horror and science fiction and can't get enough of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson, and Dean Koontz...Four Corners Dark is your next book!

Other Works...
For more terrifying thrills, look for William’s upcoming new release, Beneath the Veil.
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