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Strange Angels
Kathe Koja
Kathe Koja's shattering new novel, "Strange Angels," is a dark, fascinating story of art, madness, and obsession. Grant is a freelance photographer who has come up against an artistic block. When he sees the crayon drawings done by a schizophrenic man named Robin, Grant is immediately fascinated by Robin's genius, hungry for the subtle truth that seems hidden in the arcing, crossing lines. Completely obsessed, Grant feels it's his mission to help Robin fully realize his artistic potential. He persuades Robin to check out of the hospital and move in with him. He encourages Robin to draw episodes from the most disturbed periods of his life. But Robin becomes more and more withdrawn until he doesn't want to draw anymore. Then Grant realizes the transcendent truth Robin holds is not to be found in his art, but in Robin himself. He must go deeper and deeper into Robin. Together they must explore altered states, must undergo sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation. Robin deteriorates further. Gradually Grant becomes convinced that Robin is transforming into something new, some kind of angel. On a par with Katherine Dunn or Donna Tartt, Kathe Koja is a powerful young writer whose distinctive voice will hold you spellbound as you take a journey into darkness unlike any you've been on before.
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