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Another City, Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir
Dominick Dunne
The Barnes & Noble Review
In Another City, Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir, Dominick Dunne, one of America's best-known commentators on justice, tackles perhaps the most scandalous abuse of justice and shares his most personal insights and experiences. Claiming he found it "inhibiting" to write about himself as Dominick Dunne, the author enlists the help of an alter ego from previous novels, Augustus Bailey. As Gus Bailey, Dunne returns to Los Angeles — a city he left two decades earlier amid great personal upheaval — to cover the O. J. Simpson trial — the Trial of the Century — for Vanity Fair magazine. With Bailey, we watch from the front row as the courtroom antics of F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro, Judge Lance Ito, and Marcia Clark unfold. We mingle at exclusive parties, lunch at intimate gatherings, and travel on celebrity jets, all the while listening to Hollywood's biggest names speak candidly and irrepressibly about the case unfolding before them.

Driving Bailey throughout the novel is the partiality of the judicial system — an injustice he experienced firsthand during the trial of his daughter's killer. From the outset of the Simpson trial, Bailey is outspokenly convinced of O. J.'s guilt — and equally vocal in his disdain for the fiasco the trial becomes.

But that doesn't stop players on both sides of the case from confiding in the reporter. People talk to Gus Bailey — and Dominick Dunne. "I've been told I look like a defrocked priest," Dunne offered by way of explanation in a recent phone conversation. "People come to me to tellmethings." And the things they tell him make for a riveting and mesmerizing portrait of a city united by its obsession with the trial of O. J. Simpson.

Before the live chat, Dominick Dunne agreed to answer some of our questions.


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