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Shooters and Chasers
Lenny Kleinfeld
A revered Chicago architect is dead on the pavement, gunned down by an inept mugger. Homicide detectives Mark Bergman and John "Doonie" Dunegan bust the mugger, who claims he wasn't the murderer, or even the mugger -- despite being in possession of the murder weapon and the victim's wallet. The prosecutor's a closet thespian. The defense attorney is neurotically insecure and the lone defense witness is a chronic liar. The prosecution's case is unraveled by the detectives who built it. The State's attorney is up for re-election and doesn't want to hear about it. The real killers, a pair of world-class assassins hell-bent on making a world-class syrah, were hired by a Los Angeles billionaire philanthropist. But which one? While narrowing the list, Mark and Doonie end up in Southern California, neck-deep in a three-sided war with the assassins and a squad of private security goons.

About the Author

LENNY KLEINFELD began his career as a playwright in Chicago, where he was a columnist for Chicago magazine. In 1987, he sold a screenplay, went out for a drink, and woke up in Los Angeles. He currently resides there with his wife, National Public Radio correspondent Ina Jaffe. Shooters & Chasers is his first novel.
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