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A Fashion To Kill
Mickey Wyte
Manhattan millionaire turns Gumshoe searching for his nieces killer.

Imagine you are an ex-combat soldier; Medal of Honor winner. A self-made millionaire up from the streets of Brooklyn. You’ve never married. The only two women you love are your widowed sister and her daughter, the niece you raised as your own kid. Now imagine you are standing over her corpse. The victim of a serial killer. A camera flashes—and in your mind’s eye you see your niece’s body sprawled across the front page of the New York Journal. The same as the three previous victims. All wannabee fashion models. All murdered and all posed as if for the cover of Vogue. What do you do? If you are Jack Centaur, instincts you thought long buried beneath the scar tissue of time surface like the forgotten pain of an old wound. You swallow hard and swear someone will pay!

In Mickey Wyte's hard-boiled mystery novel, A FASHION TO KILL, Jack Centaur has combat instincts and plenty of money. He uses both to rattle the platinum cribs of Manhattan’s trust-fund brats in his determination to find the serial killer who has been stalking their fund-raising galas, murdering the fashion model volunteers. And along the way Jack will finally come to terms with the tragic reason he has never married and the guilt over how he earned the Medal of Honor.
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