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Shadow War II, Deadly Contact #2
T.R. Wallace
Old allies make dangerous adversary's. In the 1980s an up and coming CIA officer recruited a Iranian student attending Penn State. For the next decade he trained and handled the new operative until the operative went rouge and disappeared. When he surfaced again he was leading a terror cell in Pakistan. As the new century opened he had risen to prominence and aspired to leave his mark.
When a truck driver was found dead in his truck in Dallas no one got excited. When the medical examiner contacted the Center for Disease Control, his report was thought a miss-diagnosis. When Dallas hospitals were flooded with flu like symptoms CDC sent a team. When they reported what they found, Dallas was placed under quarantine. When people around the globe started to die it was now all too apparent they were in a pandemic situation.
Muhad Ali Saud had committed the ultimate act of terror. A biological attack affecting hundreds of thousands world wide. It had finally happened, the unthinkable. Now it was time to find those responsible. The FBI, CIA, Homeland security and James Kelley go to work before the trail goes cold. Yet even as they begin Ali Saud is already planning another attack.
This while Kelley and his Wind Walker team are being targeted by a mad man bent on revenge.
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