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The Midnight Man
Loren D. Estleman

"Look for us when the moon is new. Look for us, but keep your distance. We're the Midnight Men, and the prey we're stalking could be you."

In the private eye business, mistakes can be fatal. Just ask Amos Walker.

First, he pulls his gun on a man he thought was a member of a group of potential truck hijackers. Even goes so far as to fire a round at the suspicious driver to make him step from his car. Only trouble is, the guy -- Van Sturtevant -- is a cop.

Then, after Sturtevant is crippled in a shootout with a gang of black militants, Walker -- figuring he owes the cop for letting him off the hook -- offers his investigatory services to the officer's pretty, blond wife, Karen. At no charge.

If Walker had been paying attention, he would have seen the warning signs. But now bodies are going to start piling up, with politicians, private eyes, and members of Detroit's Finest on the giving and receiving ends.

Yes, mistakes can be fatal. And if Walker doesn't watch his back, the next one will definitely be his last....

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