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L.A. De Michiel
Olympic fencer Luke Montgomery returns home to find a stranger dying on his doorstep. The dying man begs him to “Warn her.” He grips Luke’s hand and reveals a card belonging to a Cassandra Linden pinned beneath the collar of his jacket. Scrawled on the back of the card is a short personal message: Carry my memory only in your heart. Seeing the anguish in the man’s eyes, Luke promises to call her. Later that night, he receives a cryptic phone call that makes him realise he is being framed for the murder. The slain man is noted History Professor Simon Blayne, and the weapon used was a broadsword presented to Luke by his grandfather. When Cassie’s name is found scribbled on a business card in the wallet of another man, who is murdered with the same weapon whilst she is in Luke’s company, the police demand answers that neither Cassie nor Luke can supply. Cassie, like Luke, would also like answers. Together they discover that Professor Blayne had uncovered an international cartel falsifying documents in order to legitimise stolen works of art and artefacts that have been packed away in museum basements for decades. Luke learns his father has involved the prestigious Montgomery Exports in the enterprise. His fight to clear the family name plunges them into a world dominated by thugs and directly into the path of Tolley, a ruthless killer. Abducted by Tolley, Cassie reluctantly agrees to his extraordinary terms and a bizarre relationship evolves. During the long drive into the remote Australian outback to his private burial grounds, Tolley taunts Cassie with his macabre mind games and soon learns that she is a worthy adversary. Furious and feeling guilty that he was unable to protect her, Luke is unrelenting in his race to get her back.
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