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....Si la sfarsit a mai ramas cosmarul
Oliviu Craznic
In the Castle of the Last Towers, the things are going really Bad.
Invited at a stranger's wedding, in a castle supposed to be haunted by the devil, the fallen noble Arthur de Seragens finds himself trapped in a dangerous net of insanity, betrayal and murder. While the guests are brutally murdered by an inhuman enemy, the hero discovers in terror the target may be his love interest, the beautiful Adrianna de Valois, young daughter of the dark chief of Police. Panicked and desperate, Arthur is forced to make an ellusive pact with the most powerful survivers: the viscount of Vincennes, his friend, also a logician an intrigue expert; the beautiful and imoral italian countess Giulianna Sellini, a supposed poisoner and a necromancer; Huguet de Castlenove, an ex-priest, now a dangerous killer and swordsman manipulated by his mysterious lover; the handsome, cruel and violent master of the land, Duke of Chalais; and many other, including the man who is feared by them all - Albert de Guy, from the Holy Inquisition.
But who is the mysterious assaillant? A vampire? A werewolf? A serial killer? A mad incubus? Or... maybe all of them?
Violence, savagery, beauty, love and passion, logic and mystery - an inquiry in the dark.
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