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Records of the Future - Classical Entropy, Memory, and the 'Arrow of Time'
Felix Alba-Juez
Records of the Future starts where Galloping with Light ended: on the surface of the Moon in 1969 when Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) asks himself a series of philosophical questions about the concept of time:

1. Was Einstein right when he said that the distinction between past, present, and future is "only a stubbornly persistent illusion"?

2. What's the difference between our psychological sense of time and objective physical time?

3. Can Science prove that our instinctive sense of time flow is right? Does time really flow in a given direction?

4. What does the notion of probability have to do with time?

5. Are we unwise in believing we can influence our future?

6. Is there a rational solution to the infamous dichotomy between determinism and free will?

7. What does it really mean for a process to be reversible or irreversible?

8. What if all processes in the Universe were reversible? How fictional is reversibility?

9. What is the relation between classical Entropy and the 'Arrow of Time'?

The fact that the reader may not have a scientific education does not mean that s/he does not have the intelligence to understand profound concepts -- as long as they are presented with semantic and epistemological clarity. After all, Einstein said that Science is simply the refinement of our intuition and everyday experiences.
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