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Mark Brisby
Daumis Mucker knew that turning thirteen was unlucky, but when he tries to rescue another boy from sinister magicians, they are both captured, starved, and tortured for his pluck.

Cewyn Shirad feared being taken by the Deymen, but what he had not counted on was the friend he would make in captivity and the powers that were already unlocked within him.

Rilliam Woodcutter only wanted to be out from beneath his crooked master's thumb. But when trouble brews in the form of two brats and their would-be savior, he must set aside his own desires and continue the dark work of his mentor.

Tadrec TeyAn always wanted to be a hero, but after having recently lost his comrades, will he be able to face down his former childhood abductor? Is he responsible enough to protect Daumis and Cewyn whilst leading them to safety? Can he get them to Horizon before the minions of evil forever corrupt their spirits?
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