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The Andaluins and the Chamber of Thousands Caves
Gabriel Aznarez
Do not believe in everything they have teach you, because is not the whole truth. The world is divided in 7 Dimensions: 3 ruled by the good, 3 by evil, and one, which keeps those apart. This where good and evil are fighting for all eternity, since the beginning of time, is known as Realdan, and is the world we know... Here exist one place that is the entrance portal to all the other dimensions. This place is called: The enclosure of the thousand caves and there, are placed the Seven Arcades Who dominate these Arcades will be able to circulate freely thru them, to all the dimensions. The forces of evil are after this secret chamber in order to take possession. Three kids, accidentally discover this magic Chamber and become the guardians of the 7 Arcades. They become “Andaluins” There are thought times to come and it seems that evil forces are winning. After thousands of years, they have discovered the location of the magic Chamber and they are ready to attack. All the Universe depends in what these 3 kids can do...
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