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Mathion (Mavonduri Trilogy, #1) - Revised & Expanded Edition
Jeff Shanley
With his people on the perpetual verge of war with the High Lord Azgharáth and his barbaric hordes of werewolves, the Wolven prince Mathion is the young, reluctant heir to the throne of Ánovén. Though many believe that he will one day become a great ruler, Mathion is unshakeable in his own belief that the arrogance of power corrupts those who wield it, and if he could he would refuse to ascend as king. But it is for this very reason he was chosen as a young child to protect an artifact of ancient power by a dying White Wolf, a power that Azgharáth has sought for ages. This is the key to Azgharáth's ultimate victory, and when he discovers that Mathion possesses it he sets in motion a sequence of events that will twist Mathion's unfailing honor against him, and it is in this darkest of hours that Mathion is not only forced to confront his nemesis but to accept his destiny. Mathion's actions inspire those loyal to him to launch an unprecedented, all-out assault against the werewolves, and it is this one battle that could turn the tide of a millennia-long war one way or the other. Should they fail, Azgharáth will attain the means to consume the world in eternal darkness and chaos...
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