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Information Cloud
Peter James West
Information Cloud (Tales of Cinnamon City, #1)
New fully revised and updated edition, including new chapters.

After a cataclysmic event, that was the only way to end the Iridium Wars, vast areas of Megarothia have been left uninhabitable. Only those who found their way into Lord Hades' protection are presumed to have survived. Under a vast Dome Shield, a new microcosm prospers under the name of the Orange Zone. Protected from the ruined world beyond, The Orange Zone grows in size and strength each year, and in its heart a great city is born.

The population of Cinnamon City has become restless. It has been decades since the Council of Lords were last seen. Some question whether the Lords still live, and many are not content to be governed by Lords that they cannot see. The political situation is delicate and underground organisations spring up with increasing regularity. One such organisation has been gaining power and support from surprising sources. Its numbers grow each day. It calls itself the Kamari, and it raises arms against the Security Forces in the name of the people. Some say, its day has come.

Major Rachel Henson works in the Security Forces, providing safety and protection for the people of Cinnamon City. When Admiral Gail Thompson has her transferred to a desolate southern outpost called Beacon Station, Rachel finds herself working under Commander Nick Chambers, her estranged ex-lover. Beacon Station suffers constant attacks from terrorists, and it's not long before the Beacon Attack Force is scrambled to investigate a possible Kamari HQ in a building called Havers Compound.

When a hacker named Riser Trent arrives, wielding an advanced swarm of autonomous droids, he throws the lives of the Security Forces and the Kamari into complete turmoil. Nick and Rachel must fight for their lives, and Rachel finds herself caught between her duty to the Security Forces and her responsibilities to her father and daughter. She becomes trapped in a web of lies and deceit, struggling to find the right path.

There's something different about Rachel, something hidden deep inside. She can try to hide her past, but the future cannot wait. Only by embracing her true self can she come to understand the nature of the complex world around her.

Everybody takes. Everybody wants. Some must pay the price, in heaven or hell.

The journey starts now…

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